Hive Platform maintenance

Use the following commands to manage the Platform:

  • sudo systemctl start hw-bw - to start Hive
  • sudo systemctl stop hw-bw - to stop Hive
  • sudo systemctl restart hw-bw - to restart Hive
  • sudo systemctl status hw-bw - to check Hive status

where, hw-bw is the Platform service name.

Encrypt sensitive data

We strongly recommend you encrypt sensitive data that is stored on the Platform. Encrypt the whole disk, or one of the following directories:

/opt/ /opt/hw-bw/ /opt/hw-bw/data /opt/hw-bw/config

For encryption, you can use:

Change maximum file size for uploading to the Platform

By default, the maximum size of files you can upload to the project Issue is 100 MB (1 GB per project). You can change this parameter and decrease or increase the uploaded file size:

  1. Open the file /opt/hw-bw/config/user.ini (root privileges are required);

    nano /opt/hw-bw/config/user.ini
  2. Add the option b.file.upload.size.max to the [main] section and indicate the preferable file size (f.e. 2 MB):

    b.file.upload.size.max = 2
  3. Run the following command to apply changes:

  4. When you apply changes, the maximum size of the uploaded files will be 2 MB.

Configure seccomp security profile for Docker

  1. Open the file /opt/hw-bw/config/user.ini (root privileges are required);
  2. Add the option seccomp.profile to the [main] section and indicate path to the seccomp profile:

    seccomp.profile = /path/to/seccomp_profile
  3. Run the following command to apply changes:


More information about the seccomp.profile option you can find in the file /opt/hw-bw/config/user-template.ini.

Deletion of Hive Platform

To delete Hive Platform (root privileges required):

  1. Stop the platform:

    systemctl stop hw-bw
  2. Disable the platform services:

    systemctl disable hw-bw
  3. Delete the platform folder:

    rm -rf /opt/hw-bw
  4. Platform will be removed from the server.

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