Issue Template import/export format

Below is an example of the exported issue template. Use this example to upload your own issues templates to the Platform.

When exporting the issue template, you will get an archive with two .JSON files:

  • manifest.json - common information about template:
 "id": "unique_id",
 "author": "author",
 "last_update": "date and time",
 "name": "archive name",
 "locale": "unk",
 "version": "1.0.0",
 "description": "",
 "format": 1
  • data.json - issue template:
    "id": "unique template id",
    "keyWords": "unique keyword",
    "technicalDescription": "XSS Reflected",
    "risksDescription": "risk description",
    "recommendations": "recommendations",
    "generalDescription": "common description",
    "name": "issue_template_title"

To import your own issue templates:

  1. Create manifest.json and data.json using these examples;
  2. Save both files into the archive;
  3. Upload the archive to the Platform (see section Register Issues).

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