Hive troubleshooting

Most problems with the Platform can be fixed by the following troubleshooting methods listed below. If you encounter any Issue not described in this section, please contact our support team to get assistance and register this Issue.

To get the Issue solved as soon as possible, please follow the recommendations:

  1. Save error parameters;
  2. Save the screenshots of the screen with errors;
  3. Download server logs;
  4. Send the screenshots and log files to our support team at the e-mail;
  5. Send us a version of the Platform and its components. You may copy this information on the About screen.

Getting logs

To get platform logs, open the console of the virtual machine and run the command:

journalctl -u hw-bw

Save logs to the file if necessary.

Note: you can configure the saving of logs.

No connection between connected Hive and Apiary projects

This error occurs if:

  • there is no activity in one of the projects for a very long period of time;
  • one of the platforms could not reach another one for some reason (f.e. no ping).


  • Restart Apiary Platform and wait for a while. Connection should restore after the restart.
  • Create a new connection between projects.

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