View specification via Swagger

View specification in console via Swagger:

  1. Open the console of the virtual machine;
  2. Run the command (root privileges required):

    docker cp hw-bw_b_engine_1:/usr/src/app/swagger_server/swagger/swagger.yaml Hive-swagger.yml

View specification in console via Swagger UI:

Note: in current version the backend API is insecure when using it without platform front-end services (b_deck on Hive). It will be fixed in future versions. Currently, we strongly recommend you not to use these settings if you are not sure that they are safe. In any case, you should not open the ports below to the whole world.

To get an API specification using Swagger UI, open access to the back-end service (b_engine on Hive):

  1. Open the console of the virtual machine;
  2. Open the file /opt/hw-bw/config/user.ini (root privileges required):

    nano /opt/hw-bw/config/user.ini
  3. Add the following parameters to the file and specify the ports:

    b.engine.port.expose = 5000
    b.engine.ip.expose =

Note: you may use port number instead of only if you are sure that your virtual machine is on an isolated network. Otherwise, we recommend using an SSH tunnel to the machine where Hive platform is running.

  1. Save the file /opt/hw-bw/config/user.ini;
  2. To apply changes, run the command:

  3. Open browser on the page: http://<IP-address>:5000/api/ui/

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