Project Dashboard

Each project has a customizable Dashboard, which helps you cover a large scope of information, work with issues and checklists, set priorities and distribute tasks between your teammates.

Create and manage cards

Cards are issues filtered by one or several categories.

Note: to create cards you should have issues in your project. To get issues in your project and, it is necessary to have a connection between projects.

To create a card:

  1. Click + Card in the Dashboard or in the Issues tabs;
  2. Enter card name;
  3. Select card type and set needed categories:

    • Number of selected issues — total number of issues by selected categories;

    • Subset of selected issues — set of issues from a category that is also a part of another issue category;

    • Checklist progress — progress of the checklists. This type of cards is available only if checklists' synchronisation is enabled in Hive;

    • Parameters of the selected issues — advanced filters of issues by various categories.

  4. Click Save. A new card appears on the Dashboard.

To edit issue cards, click Manage cards in the upper right corner of the Dashboard tab. When enabling this option, you can:

  • edit card parameters (issue filters, card names or types);
  • change order of the cards on the Dashboard;
  • delete cards.

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