Apiary Project Dashboard

Each project has a customizable Dashboard, which helps you cover a large scope of information, work with issues, set priorities and distribute tasks between your teammates.

There are two tabs in the Project:

  • Dashboard tab - contains a set of cards with key information about the health of your products. Here you can view and manage cards;

  • Browse Issues tab - contains list of issues. Here you can create cards, filter issues, work with issues and chat with pen-testing team.

Project Team

To add users to the Project, perform the following steps:

  1. Open your project;
  2. Click on in the left upper corner of the page;
  3. Click Team and in the window add users using +.

Create cards

Cards are issues filtered by one or several parameters, such as:

  • Remediation status (Opened, Re-opened, In progress, Closed, Risk accepted);
  • Score (High, Medium, Low);
  • Probability (High, Medium, Low);
  • Criticality (High, Medium, Low);
  • IP addresses;
  • Hostnames;

To create a card:

  1. Click + Card in the Dashboard tab or in the Browse Issues tab;
  2. Enter name of the card in the New Card field and select card type:

    • Number of selected issues - displays total number of issues by selected categories;
    • Subset of selected issues - displays the number of issues in a selected range from the total count;
    • Parameters of the selected issues
  3. Click Save. A new card appears on the Dashboard.

Manage cards

To edit cards, click Manage cards in the upper right corner of the Dashboard tab. When enabling this option, you can:

  • edit card parameters, f.e. change filters applied to the issues, edit card names or views;
  • change card position on the Dashboard using arrows or simply drag and drop card on the desired position;
  • delete cards.

Manage issues

Switch to Browse Issues tab. When you get issues, you will be able to perform the following actions with issues:

  • Share issues;
  • View issue description;
  • Edit issue status;
  • Communicate with pen-testing team via Chat.

Note: to get issues in your project and be able to communicate with pen-testing team via Chat, it is necessary to connect Apiary and Hive projects.

Assign issues

To share issues with your team:

  1. Select one or several issues in the list with the checkboxes;
  2. Click Assign in the popup to share all selected issues, or click next to the selected issue to share only one selected issue;

  3. In the Assign users window select one or several users and click +.

  4. Click on user to edit user access to the issue (edit, read, or remove).

Send issues to Jira

Note: to use this option your project should be connected to JIRA (see section Integrations).

To send Issues to Jira:

  1. Select one or several issues in the list with the checkboxes;
  2. Click +Task;
  3. Select your Jira connection name and click Send.

View and edit issue statuses

To view issue description, single click on the issue in Browse Issues tab. Description appears in the right column:

To change issue status or view messages:

  1. Click on issue Title in Browse Issues tab:

  2. To change issue status, click in the left column:

  3. To send a message to pen-testing team, click on icon.

You can also switch between project issues, using Previous and Next buttons in the right upper corner of the issue.

Click Back, to return to the issues list.

Create reports

To create a report by Issues:

  1. Open your project;
  2. Click on in the left upper corner of the page;
  3. Click Download Report and select report template in the list;

  4. Report will be automatically generated.

Notes: the report will be downloaded in .DOCX format.

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