Getting started: Create Projects in Apiary

Apiary projects are the containers of issues from various pen-testing teams after they perform security audits on Hive. All issues detected and registered by pentesters on Hive are automatically sent on Apiary when connection between projects is established.

Creating a project

Important: if you're using App connection, see Apiary App connection to create a Project.

To create a new project:

  1. Click + Project on the main Apiary page. Create project wizard appears;

  2. Select the option Project connection to create connection between Apiary and Hive;

    Note: you can set connection between projects later, e.g. when editing project settings.

  3. Enter Project name (mandatory field, name should be unique)

  4. Indicate project dates;
  5. In the fields Scope and Project description add information about your project (optional);
  6. Select Project type (optional);
  7. Click Save project. New project appears on the main page.

Project Team

To add users to the Project, perform the following steps:

  1. Open your project;
  2. In the left menu select Projects > Team and in the window add users using + button;

  3. Assign role to the user in the project;

  • Owner - has full access to all functions of the Project;
  • Editor - can edit shared project and issues;
  • Read-only - can only view shared project and issues;

Managing projects

To manage project:

  1. Select project in the list;
  2. Click on next to it and select one of the options;

    • Select Team to add new team members to your project and assign roles to them (Owner or Editor):
    • Select Info to change project description, scope, dates and type;
    • Select Connect to configure connection between Apiary and Hive projects.
    • Select Delete to remove project from the Platform.

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