Apiary brief overview

Apiary is a workspace where you can manage all security audits by collecting data and coordinating not only penetration teams but also your own team members.

Apiary is tightly connected with Hive. It gets all information from Hive projects.

Apiary makes it convenient to analyze discovered issues. Using Apiary, you can estimate how many vulnerabilities in your products and how dangerous they are. Also, Apiary has many filters, which allow you to correlate data and view whether the number of issues is increased or decreased. In a customizable dashboard, you can keep only needed information and follow progress of the issues.

To make your products safe, involve in testing as many teams as you need. With Apiary you can easily communicate with different pen-testing teams at all stages of testing, compare their audit results and evaluate their effectiveness.

Use Apiary to share audit results with your colleagues and manage all discovered issues directly in Apiary. Segregate duties and distribute tasks between your teammates to fix issues as soon as possible.