Apiary Integration

Depending on your workflow, Apiary can be integrated with external task management systems using REST API Tokens and Webhooks.

Note: only Apiary project owners or platform administrators can configure integration.

Integration with Jira

To configure an integration with Jira, perform the following steps:

  1. Open your project;
  2. In the left menu select Projects > Settings > Integrations;
  3. Click on Jira:

  4. In Jira Configure window select your Jira server:

  5. Depending on your Jira server settings, fill in the fields (all fields are mandatory):

    • connection via Webhooks - fill in Login, Password and Jira Connection name:

    • connection via Tokens - fill in E-mail, Token and Jira Connection name (see article Manage API tokens):

    Note: you can use an API token to authenticate a script or other process with an Atlassian cloud product. You can generate the token from your Atlassian account, then copy and paste it to the script.

  6. Click Next;

  7. In Project field specify Jira project you want to connect to Apiary;
  8. In Issue type field specify type of task that will be used for vulnerabilities in your Jira project;

  9. Enable Reverse synchronization (optional) - to activate additional step, where you can assign issue statuses for Jira tasks.

    Note: you can assign custom issue statuses for Jira issues, but remember that custom issue statuses in Apiary are not synchronized with Hive issue statuses.

  10. Click Done to save the settings. New Jira connection will be added to the Integrations page.

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