Paths to platform files

All Platform files are located by the following paths:

  • /opt/hw-fh/ - main platform directory for storing data, configuration files, maintenance scripts and other important files;
  • /opt/hw-fh/data - contains all changeable files, such as:
    • data of the built-in databases (postgresql, redis, neo4j);
    • files attached to the issues;
    • cache of the reverse proxy server (nginx);
  • /opt/hw-fh/config - contains platform configuration files:
    • configurations provided in the distribution;
    • configurations generated during platform installation;
    • /opt/hw-fh/config/users.ini - file with user configurations. An example of how to fill the users.ini file see in the file /opt/hw-fh/config/user-template.ini;
  • /opt/hw-fh/compose - contains docker-compose file, generated by the platform configurator from the configuration stored at /opt/hw-fh/config

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