Add Jira Server

To add Jira server to Apiary:

  1. Log in to the platform as an administrator;
  2. In the left menu select Admin > Jira servers;

  3. Click on + Jira server;

  4. Fill in the fields and click Create (all fields are mandatory):
  • Web Url - IP address or hostname of your Jira server;
  • Server Name - name of your Jira server.

  1. Platform will check connection to the server, and if everything is correct, new Jira server appears in the list of servers.
  2. Click Copy webhook to save webhook to a clipboard. Use this webhook, to connect Jira server with Platform (see article Jira Webhooks).

Now Project owners or Platform administrators can configure Jira connection settings for projects.

Note: when configuring a WebHook in Jira, it is necessary to enable Comment settings if you want to receive comments from Apiary.

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