Add users to the Hive Platform

To create teams on projects, add users to the Platform. All registered users can invite new users to the Platform. However, all new users should be approved by administrators. Unapproved users will not be able to work in the Hive Platform.

Invite users to the Platform

  1. Switch to the Users tab;
  2. Click Add user in the bottom right corner of the page;
  3. In the Create user window, fill all mandatory fields: Username, Mail and Password;
  4. Assign user the administrative rights if necessary (optional);

    Note: only Platform administrators can assign users administrative rights.

  5. Click Save. New user appears in the Users list with the status not confirmed.

To approve user, click Approve or contact Platform administrators.

Click on user, to edit user parameters. In Edit window you can:

  • edit user parameters (Username, Mail and Password);
  • edit user role;
  • delete or block users;
  • reject requests of unapproved users.

User roles

There are two roles at the Platform - user and administrator.

Note: unconfirmed users cannot work in the Platform.

Administrators have access to all Platform functions and projects.

Users have the following rights:

  1. Projects:
    • create projects;
    • archive projects;
    • invite users to the projects;
    • assign roles to the members of the project (Owner, Edit, Readonly);
  2. Platform:
    • add users to the Platform
    • edit personal account

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