Create connection between Hive and Apiary projects

To set up connection between Apiary and Hive projects perform the following steps:

  1. Right mouse click on the needed project in the projects list;
  2. In drop-down menu click Connect;
  3. In the Configure connections window select one of the options:

  • Link with existing - select this option to upload the existing configuration file in .yaml format to the Hive project. You should first download this file from Apiary project.
  • Generate new - generates a unique configuration file in .yaml format. To create connection, upload this file to the selected Apiary project.

The connection will be created automatically after uploading the configuration file into the project. To test the connection, register the vulnerability in the Hive project and on the Issues tab, click Send Issues. The vulnerability should appear in the Apiary project.

When you set the connection between projects, you will be able to send issues from Hive to Apiary and to communicate with end customers via issues Chat.

Note: each issue has its own Chat.

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