Hive Platform maintenance

Use the following commands to manage the Platform:

  • sudo systemctl start hw-bw - to start Hive
  • sudo systemctl stop hw-bw - to stop Hive
  • sudo systemctl restart hw-bw - to restart Hive
  • sudo systemctl status hw-bw - to check Hive status

where, hw-bw is the Platform service name.

Encrypt sensitive data

We strongly recommend you encrypt sensitive data that is stored on the Platform. Encrypt the whole disk, or one of the following directories:

/opt/ /opt/hw-bw/ /opt/hw-bw/data /opt/hw-bw/config

For encryption, you can use:

Deletion of Hive Platform

To delete Hive Platform:

  1. Stop the platform:

    systemctl stop hw-bw
  2. Disable the platform services:

    systemctl disable hw-bw
  3. Delete the platform folder:

    rm -rf /opt/hw-bw
  4. Platform will be removed from the server.

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