Getting started: Create Projects in Apiary

Apiary projects are the containers of issues from various pen-testing teams after they perform security audits.

Creating a project

To create a new project:

  1. Click + Project on the main Apiary page. Create project wizard appears;

  2. Enter Project name (mandatory field, name should be unique);

  3. Indicate project dates;
  4. In the Scope field add some description (optional);
  5. Select Project type (optional);
  6. Activate option Connect to Hive to create connection between Apiary and Hive;

    Note: you can set connection between projects later, f.e. when editing project settings.

  7. Click Create. New project appears on the main page.

Create connection between Apiary and Hive projects

To get Issues in Apiary, it is necessary to set connection between Apiary and Hive projects.

There are two ways to do it:

  1. In Create project wizard activate the option Connect to Hive.


  1. Select project in the list and click on next to it and in drop-down menu click Connect;

In the Connect to Hive window enter Connection name and select the connection type:

  • New connection - generates a unique configuration file in .yaml format. To create connection, upload this file to the selected Hive project;
  • Link with existing - select this option to upload the existing configuration file in .yaml format to the Apiary project. You can get this file from Hive or use earlier generated files.

Click Connect. Now you can get issues from Hive.

When you set the connection between projects, you will be able to communicate with pen-testing teams via Chat.

Note: each issue has its own Chat.

Managing projects

To manage project:

  1. Select project in the list;
  2. Click on next to it and select one of the options;

    • Select Team to add new team members to your project and assign roles to them (Owner or Editor):

    • Select Info to change project description, dates and type;

    • Select Connect to configure connection between Apiary and Hive projects.
    • Select Delete to remove project from the Platform.

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