Getting started: Creating Project and import data

A project allows you and your team to perform an in-depth penetration testing of the landscape security in a scope of tasks. All projects by default have a built-in Wiki page where you can store all information.

In the project you can view the progress of testing and readiness of tasks, follow team members' action, and prepare reports in all stages of testing.

Creating a project

  1. In the bottom-right corner of the main page click Create Project;

  2. In project creation wizard enter Project title;

Note: project title should be unique.

  1. Select start and end dates of the project;
  2. In the Project Scope field you can add information about IP address, Hostname and Port, and other useful information (optional);

Note: information in these fields will be added to the project Wiki.

  1. Add project Description (optional);
  2. Invite people to your project Team using + icon next to the users in the right column (optional);
  3. Assign roles to team members:

    • Owner
    • Edit
    • Readonly
  4. Click Save Project. New project appears in the Project list on the main page and platform automatically redirects you to the Project data tab.

To return to the Project list from your Project, click on the Hive logotype or in personal account in the top-right corner click on Projects.

In the Project list, you can manage projects available to you.

Filling Project Data

There are three ways of adding data to the project:

  1. Import data from file;
  2. Import custom data;
  3. Create IP or host manually.

Import data from file

  1. In the top-left corner, click Import > Import file...;
  2. Select tool, results of which you want to import (Nmap or Masscan);

Note: project parses results of Nmap and Masscan in XML format.

  1. Click Browse file and select the XML report.

Note: parsing of large files may take some time.

Platform will automatically parse data and all information will be add to the project. Now you can start working with the project.

You can also Import data from file in a quick menu in the middle of the Project data tab.

Import custom data

  1. In the top-left corner, click Import > Custom file;
  2. In Add custom data manually fill the column Parse data or click Import file. For example:

Note: using the option Import file, you can upload files in any formats.

  1. In Parse result column choose fields that should be parsed. To do it, indicate column separators (e.g. : ; ,), row separators (e.g. \n), and add tags;

  2. Click Save data. All data appears in the project:

Now you can start working with the project.

You can also Import custom data in a quick menu in the middle of the Project data tab.

Create IP or host manually

  1. In the top-left corner, click Create;
  2. Select either New IP or Hostname without IP;
  3. In appeared window type IP address or Hostname;
  4. New item appears in the Project data tab.

Now you can start working with the project.

You can also Create IP or host manually in a quick menu in the middle of the Project data tab.

Exporting Project data

To export Project data:

  1. In Project data tab click Export in the top left corner;
  2. In Export data window select preferable view (List or Table);
  3. Indicate row separator (e.g. \n);
  4. Add needed Field and Keyword tags to the Parse result field;

  5. Click Save to file or Copy text to finish export.

Project feed

Each project has its own feed where you can track all users actions in the project. To see Project feed, click on .

You can filter Project feed by Events and Users. To do it, click on and apply needed filters.

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