Setup Hive ports

For correct work of Hive, it is necessary to open ports 80 and 443 using your network equipment or the Load Balancer of your cloud provider, f.e. Elastic Load Balancing (AWS) or Google Cloud Load Balancing (GCE).

Additionally, you may need to open all ports you use:

  • in your network equipment, f.e. by adding these ports to Security Group (AWS) or to Compute Engine firewall rules (GCE);
  • in Firewall of your OS (if incoming connections are not allowed by default).

Change default ports

To change default Hive ports: 1. Open the console of the virtual machine; 1. Open the docker-compose.yml file using the command:

sudo nano /opt/hw-bw/compose/docker-compose.yml

  1. Change ports and save the docker-compose.yml file:

    - 80:80
    - 443:443
  2. To apply changes, restart the platform:

    sudo systemctl restart hw-bw

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