Edit Project and Project data

All new projects appear on the main platform page.

Edit project

To edit project parameters, archive project, or delete project, select the needed project in the list and click on :

In edit project wizard you can edit:

  • project title
  • project start and end dates
  • project scope and description
  • team members and their roles

Note: you can also edit project members on the main page. To do it, in project list click on team icons:

Manage project data

While testing and analyzing target systems, the scope of information will grow accordingly. You and your team can update information in the project as soon as you get the new data.

There are several ways to manage project data:

Method 1

  1. In Project data select IP, Hostname, or Port;
  2. With the right mouse button click on the item to open the drop-down menu;
  3. In drop-down menu select one of the options:

Method 2

  1. In Project data single click on the Objects (IP, Hostname, Port) to add new Issue;
  2. Use keyboard shortcuts to create filters, notes, tags, and add files in a click of a mouse.

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