Create Issues

Issues are security breaches found in the targeted systems during penetration testing and registered by pentesters as tickets in the Platform.

To create Issue, perform the following steps:

  1. In Project data single click on the Object (IP, Host, Port);
  2. In the appeared sidebar click Create Issue:


  1. Right mouse click on the Object (IP, Host, Port) to open the drop-down menu;
  2. In the drop-down menu select option Create > Issue:

  3. Select suitable issue template;

  4. Indicate the Probability and Criticality of the Issue. The Score will be calculated upon these two values:
    • Criticality - the risk level of the vulnerability (Low, Medium, High);
    • Probability - the possibility of exploiting a vulnerability (Low, Medium, High);
  5. Fill all information about the Issue.

Note: when you fill the at least 5 of the fields listed below, issue status changes from Draft to Ready: * Title * Probability * Criticality * General description * Risk description * Technical description * Recommendation

  1. Enable the option Create template from issue and after saving the issue new template will be added to the Knowledge base;
  2. Click Save Changes to finish creating the Issue.

New issue appears in Issues tab. At the same time, new issue appears next to the corresponding Object (IP, Host, Port) in the Project data tab.

You can create reports by Issues. To do it, click Generate report in Issues tab.

Note: reports are available in .DOCX format.

Issue templates

There are several predefined issue templates at the Platform. All issue templates are stored at the Knowledge base. You can find all templates in Issues > Templates tab.

Note: you cannot delete predefined issue templates.

You can also create and manage your own issue templates.

To create issue template:

  1. Go to the Issues > Templates;
  2. Click Create template;
  3. Fill all fields and click Save changes. New template appears in the Templates list.

To manage issue template, right mouse click on the issue template and select one of the options.

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