Hive brief overview

About the Hive Platform

Hive is a collaborative workspace where you and your team can focus entirely on penetration testing. The Hive platform helps you plan and organize all stages of testing processes and manage work of the whole team.

In the Hive platform you can communicate with team at all stages of penetration testing. Thus, you will avoid the situation when several team members do the similar task. Your team will always see the latest updates, comments, attachments, notes and other relevant information. This also excludes the possibility of duplicating data.

With Hive you can accumulate information in one place by adding all information directly to the platform. Hive parses scanning results both from top tools (such as Nmap, Masscan, Nesus) and from any other sources by transforming data into the structured view. Due to advanced filtration feature, you can create your own search filters for better monitoring of the project.

With the Hive platform, you can be sure that your team covered all penetration testing points and you can share the results with the end customer in a structured form.